Use Of Right And Left Lanes For Road Users

The use of roads between cars and motorbikes, of course, has its own rules, which as we know, there are indeed some countries that provide their lanes for motorcyclists, but there are some countries that also have regulations that the left lane of the road is the right lane. intended for motorcyclists with low speed, as well as for car vehicles that transport goods or indeed use low speeds. As for the right lane, this will typically be used for high-speed drivers or when overtaking a vehicle in front of it. You need to remember that accidents can happen when you do not understand how to drive on the highway.

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So in this case when you are a vehicle used on the highway, where you want to overtake the vehicle in front of you. You can see it through the right lane, with the right speed or fast. In addition, of course, you also need to make sure that there is sufficient space to make you use your vehicle to do in the right lane. If in this case, the vehicle you want to pass has given a signal, where the vehicle right in front of you wants to use the right lane,

Then you certainly should not try to pass the vehicle, because doing so can result in an accident. So when you want to pass the vehicle in front of you, you need to make sure and take into account properly that the vehicle in front of you is not giving a signal to use the right lane or turning off the vehicle will remain in the left lane.

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